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Governor won't go for the dough Schaefer angry about being in the "money."


Although he says he has presidential aspirations, Gov. William Donald Schaefer was not impressed when his picture turned up on mock paper currency circulating through the State House in Annapolis.

The bogus bills feature a head shot of the governor -- reproduced from a photograph that accompanied an article in yesterday's Sun -- in the center space reserved on real money for United States presidents. The funny money was printed on green paper and bore the value "No Dollars" with zeroes in all four corners.

The governor blasted the newspaper for what he said was the intentionally publishing of an uncomplimentary photograph of him and suggested that was the reason an unidentified State House wag pulled off the currency caper. By his expression in the photograph, Schaefer appears to be angry.

During his weekly radio call-in show on WBAL radio in Baltimore yesterday, Schaefer chastised the newspaper for using the file photograph. He accused the newspaper of "making the governor look very foolish" and "trying to make the governor look bad."

The fake bills were seen throughout the State House yesterday, including in the hands of several state senators on the Senate floor. A shoeshine man in the State House basement said he found one of the bills and gave it to one of the governor's State Police body guards to deliver to Schaefer.

Later, as he was leaving the State House, Schaefer approached the shoeshine man and inquired about the source of the fake currency.

"I don't know. I just found it on the floor," he was told.

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