New mother views daiquiri incident sourly


SEATTLE -- The woman said all she did was order a strawberry daiquiri.

And she's angry that what followed from her simple request, made while she was pregnant, has caused her to feel like a child abuser.

Two cocktail servers, at a Red Robin restaurant south of Seattle, were fired after they tried to talk the woman out of having the drink and showed her a government warning against consuming alcohol during pregnancy.

A spokesman for the restaurant's management said that the two behaved in an aggressive manner that left the woman shaken and that they refused to give her the drink. The servers said the cocktail was delivered.

The woman, 29, has since given birth to a 7-pound, 12-ounce boy. She asked that her name not be used. Her version of what happened the evening of March 13 differs from the servers'.

The woman and a friend, Leslie Clubb of Seattle, went out to dinner. The mother-to-be's baby was overdue. The mother said she thought that a relaxing evening might bring on the baby.

During the meal, she ordered a strawberry daiquiri and was asked for her identification by server G. R. Heryford, who then asked her twice whether she was sure that she didn't want a virgin daiquiri, a non-alcoholic drink. The woman, who was nine months pregnant, said she turned to her friend and said, "I'm past due, and I've been good all this time."

When the customer did not change her order, another server, Danita Fitch, tore from a beer bottle a warning label stating that alcohol during pregnancy can cause birth defects and put it on the woman's table.

The woman said that she had abstained from drinking during her pregnancy, that she has studied health and nutrition and that Ms. Fitch's putting the warning label on the table was the last straw.

"It was none of their business what I did," the woman said.

"I've been made to feel like I was abusing my unborn child."

Ms. Fitch said she wasn't trying to cause trouble but wanted the woman to be aware of the risks.

Publicity over the incident has upset the new mother, Ms. Clubb said.

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