Dawks and Hoves


Doves in war, hawks in peace. That's one way to describe Maryland's two senators, Barbara Mikulski and Paul Sarbanes. Along with most members of their party, they voted dovishly to deny President Bush the authority to use armed force against Saddam Hussein's Iraq. Then, after the war was won, they showed how hawkish they could be by voting to cut off aid to King Hussein's Jordan as punishment for its support of the Iraqi cause.

In both instances, these Democratic senators were seeking to thwart and constrict a Republican president. And in both instances, they were wrong. Just as Mr. Bush was right to force Iraq out of Kuwait, so he is on a correct course in trying to keep lines open to Jordan, a once and (potentially) future friend of the United States. Partisan micromanagement of foreign policy, especially by dawks and hoves, rarely produces good results.

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