Severna Park pitcher Rob McCandless and outfielder Mark Budzinski were happy with yesterday's 7-6 baseball victory over Broadneck, but . . .

"We made a lot of mistakes -- a lot of errors," said Budzinski, who batted 3-for-4, with a three-run homer and an RBI single.

"Defensively we had six or seven errors. It was rough," added McCandless, who went the distance with seven strikeouts, as many hits and just two walks.

Mike Stegall's seventh-inning two-out double helped the Falcons (1-1) break a 6-6 tie against the visiting Bruins (0-2) as Severna Park shook off the effects of a season-opening 9-5 setback against Archbishop Curley a day earlier.

"We won, and I feel real good for them. Even though we didn't play good defensive baseball, we played good enough to win," said Falcons coach Jim Pitt, whose team actually committed five errors.

"We made basic mistakes, like throwing the ball to the wrong bases. We played better against Curley, and I think (the Falcons) were probably thinking about that game."

Broadneck, which dropped an equally disappointing 6-5 decision to Meade on Monday, got the Falcons' attention early when Johnny Williams hit a three-run homer in the first inning. Williams went 3-for-4 with three RBI.

In the third inning, Budzinski matched that feat to tie the game at three.

The Falcons edged ahead in the fourth when Stegall scored on a bad throw to third base.

Broadneck came back in the fifth when James Vincent (3-for-4, three RBI) nailed a two-run double to put the Bruins up, 5-4.

That set up a call in the sixth inning that enraged Bruins fans.

Broadneck center fielder Tim Collins chased a powerful blast by Severna Park's J. J. Novak that sailedto deep center.

As Collins neared the ball, he fell to the ground and disappeared over a slight bend in the field just in front of thecenter-field fence.

When Collins got up, he held the ball high in his right hand. But home-plate umpire Warren Shadle credited Novak with a double.

That ignited the Broadneck bench and sent Coach MarkStover to the infield to debate the call.

Novak eventually scored the tying run on a botched play at first base before Budzinski knocked in the go-ahead run to give Severna Park a 6-5 lead.

"I can only call what I saw. I saw the ball come up and I saw him go down, and then he came up with it," Shadle said. "All I can assume from that is when he went down, it came out (of his glove), and then he came backup with it. My partner didn't go out to see the play, so it was my call."

Collins said, "I was falling back because of the gully and I put my glove down, but I had caught the ball as I was drifting back.I definitely had it, no doubt. It hurt."

Vincent came through with a two-out RBI double to knot the game at six in the top of the seventh, but that set up Stegall's grand finale.

"I think playing these types of close ball games early in the season will help us in the long run," Stover said.

"The other day, we needed a hit here or there. Today we faced a good pitcher, and I thought we hit him very well.

"Even though it was a close loss, we made strides forward. We're right there. They've just got to keep their heads up and keep plugging away."

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