The county liquor board has approved a license transfer for a new sports bar planned for Severna Park despite continued protests by former employees of the tavern's management team.

Shooters on Route 2 should open by the middle of next month on the site of the Hunan, a failed Chinese disco.

The Kallis family still owns the property but the board allowed Arnold resident James Windt and his partner, Bo B. Chin, of Ellicott City, to become the licensees Tuesday night.

The bar had been open without complaint under one name or another -- Casbar, Club Derby, Presto II -- for 40 years. Nobody from the neighborhood has objected to the bar opening again.

But several former employees of a defunct cellular phone company -- Mobile Communications Services -- objected that Windt and Chin were not fit to run a bar, claiming they left workers in the lurch when they were officers at MCS.

Pasadena resident Sunny Campbell testified Tuesday that she was stuck with a $1,000 hospital bill for an exploratory operation when MCS allowed its employee insurance coverage to lapse.

"These people knew that I was sick," she said. "Even after I told them that I might have cancer, they never once told me I had no insurance."

Campbell said that as MCS' former vice president and executive vice president, Windt and Chin should not be allowed to hold a liquor license.

She joined at least six other former MCS employees who objected last month to Windt and Chin's plan to hire former MCS owner Gary Bouthilette as a bartender.

But the liquor board ruled that none of the MCS's problems -- or Bouthilette's three convictions for driving while intoxicated -- have a bearing on license eligibility.

Neither Windt nor Chin have been convicted of felonies, so they cannot be denied a license, board chairman Thomas Riggin said.

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