War aftermath


Two-thirds of callers to SUNDIAL believe the United States should keep any extra contributions from our allies in the Persian Gulf war.

Although the White House and Congress disagree on estimates of the costs, some analysts say the United States may show a profit, once all allied pledges have been met. Of 270 callers yesterday, 180, or 67 percent, said the U.S. should keep any excess money, while 90, or 33 percent, said the country should not keep the excess funds.

On a related question, 181 of 267 callers, or 68 percent, think the United States should take military action against Iraq for its continued use of helicopters against rebels, a violation of cease-fire terms. Some 86 callers, or 32 percent, said the U.S. should not take action.

"It's Your Call" represents a sampling of opinions from certai segments of the community, but it is not balanced demographically, as would be done in a scientific public opinion poll.

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