Foster parents will get $5 less per child each month, as part of Carroll County Department of Social Services cuts required by the commissioners.

The County Commissioners are cutting back 2 percent in all departments. Because DSS is mostly state-funded, that cut amounts to $6,532, leaving $135,543 in county money to DSS.

DSS Director M. Alexander Jones told his agency's Board of Directors Tuesday that the least harmful place to make the cut was in payments to foster parents.

Other cuts are a banquet for foster parentsand one training workshop a staff member was to attend. Also, because of a state hiring freeze, the department can't fill a vacant mail room position that is subsidized by the county, Jones said.

Since 1976, the county has supplemented state payments to foster parents in Carroll, as an incentive for recruiting good care-givers and homes, Jones said.

The supplement has been $20, but this year he will cut it to $5 toward meeting the state cuts.

In a meeting Jones had with some foster parent representatives, they didn't protest the cuts, he said. While at first the supplements were needed because state payments were only about $100 a month in 1976, the state has increased payments to $535 for children up to 11, and $550 for those age 12 and older.

The department now has 105 children in some kind of foster care, Jones said. The county part of the DSS budget also pays for a court custody worker, part of the salary for a child-support worker, a transportation aide, secretaries and some foster care for frail or disabled adults.

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