These are the winners in Sunday's Iron Bridge Horse Race Meet, whichtook place near Glenelg. It is the first meet for the Governor's Cup.

The Linton Mile (One-Mile Flat)

1. Caveat Fumitor; owned by Phoenix Stables; T.H. Voss, trainer; Rebecca Driver, rider.

2. Political Profit; Ann O'Merrigan; Matt McCarron.

3. Dancin Shoes; Donald Souder; Donald Souder; Julie Robinson.

The Howard County Cup (Three-Mile Timber)

1. Shining Beacon; Sheila Williams; Jack Fischer; Jack Fischer.

2. Pacific Parlay; John D. Schapiro; J.D. Gillet; J.D. Gillet.

3. Aristoskip; R.S. Williams; R.S. Williams; R.S. Williams.

The Meriwether (1 1/4-MileFlat)

1. Val D'Argent; Labadie Mill Farm; Dr. William Wright; J.D. Gillet.

2. Johnny Garland; Jessie M. Henley Jr.; T.H. Voss; Rebecca Driver.

3. Dandy; Sharon B. Clark; Sharon B. Clark; Liz Collard.

Cattail River Pony Races

A. Small

1. Hobby Horse May Fly;Leigh Offutt.

2. Natalie; Kelly Conaway.

3. Gambi; Sabrina Morris.

B. Medium

1. Scuttlebutt; Kevin Selby.

2. Thistledown; Elizabeth Voss.

3. Farnley Whist; Asheley Farland.

C. Large

1. Cindy Lou; Jonathan Kizer.

2. Somerset, Casey Hinsdale.

3. Georgie, Nicole Williams.

The Aldo Clark Challenge Plate (Novice Timber, Three-Miles)

1. Gus's Boy; Sheila Williams; Jack Williams; Jack Williams.

2. Boom Town Bob; M. Thomas and L. Ashbridge; D.M. Smithwick; Mike Elmore.

3. Crowned Monarch; W.B. Santoro; W.B. Santoro; W.B. Santoro.

Owner-Rider Heavyweight Trophy

1. Roman Tent; Schweizer-Jackson Stable; Jacj Fischer; Nick Schweizer.

2. Architecture; Stephen Williams; Stephen Williams; Stephen Williams.

3. First Throne; John Beasley; John Beasley; John Beasley.

The Founders Cup (For Foxhunters)

1. Overall: Manor Maid; Malcolm Commer; Malcolm Commer; Malcolm Commer. He also won the Iron Bridge Trophy for first man over the age of 40 to finish.

1. Lady: Snow Crest; Lisa Reid.

1. Non Thoroughbred: Aldie; Woody Offutt.

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