Sleepwear poll bears noting


Perhaps the most stunning thing about the new national survey of what people wear to bed is that people answer the phone, hear a stranger's voice asking intimate-bordering-on-sexual questions, and ANSWER THEM!

Bruskin Associates, a marketing research firm in New Brunswick, N.J., found 1,021 functioning adults about 500 of each sex to answer intimate questions as part of a wide-ranging survey.

And, we happily report, more Americans are sleeping in the nude.

Also, 1 percent of men now say they wear nighties.

But women still have a lock on the nightgown category just over half wear them to bed and researcher Joel Henkin is skeptical that men are actually wearing the things.

Maybe, he says, these guys were just funning the researchers.

Men's results:

Pajamas, 31 percent

Underwear, 29 percent

Nude, 26 percent

T-shirts, 9 percent

Sweats, 7 percent

Women's results:

Nightgowns, 55 percent

Pajamas, 20 percent

T-shirt, 10 percent

Nightshirt, 9 percent

Nude, 6 percent

Sweats, 5 percent

Apparently, clothing choice has a lot to do with age and geography. Most nude sleepers are 25-49 and live out West. The least likely to be found in the raw are older women living in the East.

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