Jail takeover advancesThe House Appropriations Committee passed...


Jail takeover advances

The House Appropriations Committee passed an administration bill yesterday authorizing the state to take over the Baltimore City Jail.

The takeover will cost the state at least $40 million in operating costs alone next year. The committee accepted amendments detailing what effect the takeover will have on current jail employees. If the July 1 takeover is approved, the employees will terminated as city employees. They will have the option of staying in the city pension system or going to the state system, will undergo a six-month probation period and will get a two-week notice if they are fired as state employees.

Jail employees have denounced the takeover because they would lose their collective bargaining rights and their seniority. However, city legislators, who see the takeover as essential to Baltimore's financial health, have backed the bill since its introduction.

For the record

* Frederick W. Puddester, 36, of Annapolis, has been named deputy secretary of the state Department of Budget and Fiscal Planning. He succeeds Dennis H. Parkinson, who has been appointed budget director for Anne Arundel County. Mr. Puddester is a former employee of the legislature's Department of Fiscal Services.

Quote of the day

"This is sort of our last-ditch effort to get our message out."

Cristine Boswell, executive director of Maryland's branch of the Association for Retarded Citizens, discussing hopes to persuade legislators to change their minds about funding several social programs


:010 a.m.: House and Senate convene, State House.

a.m.: Board of Public Works meets, State House.

1 p.m.: Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee considers bills involving special traffic enforcement officers and housing authority officers in Baltimore, Room 300, Senate Office Building.

1 p.m.: House Ways and Means Committee considers Senate bill involving accountability reports for harness tracks, Room 110, House Office Building.

There are 13 days remaining in the 1991 General Assembly session.


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