Give Royals a break* John Steadman's lambasting...


Give Royals a break

* John Steadman's lambasting of the Kansas City Royals for the waiver of Bo Jackson was ridiculously off base. Why in the world should the Royals show loyalty and devotion to Jackson when Jackson has never demonstrated these qualities to the Royals? The Royals' front office would have given Jackson the world if only he would have concentrated on baseball, a concession his ego would not allow him. Now he's seriously injured as the result of his pursuit of a "hobby," and his future in any sport is in peril. I do not fault Jackson for playing football. He sensed a chance to make sports history (while making mega-bucks), and he seized it. However, it cannot be denied that this decision was a gamble full of risk, and a gamble he apparently has lost. As a result, the Royals have every right and ethical justification to part ways with him.

Does the waiver put Jackson into a position of financial hardship? Hardly. He still retains his L.A. Raiders contract as well as his endorsement fees from Nike, AT&T; and Pepsi. These untold millions will keep him out of Chapter 11 for some time. The Royals will even pay him nearly $400,000 for doing nothing.

Let's face it, there's no room for the issue of loyalty in professional sports. The great majority of athletes, while loving their sport, are in the business for fame and the quest of an exceptional income. They rarely concern themselves with such trivial matters such as who they play for. Owners are in business to make profit.

Who are the losers as a result of Jackson's injury? Not the nTC Kansas City Royals, but as usual the fans who have lost the opportunity to watch one of the most extraordinary athletes of our time pursue his best sport.

Mark Miller


Blast fans slighted

* As a loyal Baltimore Blast fan, I do not think that our local media is giving enough coverage to the Blast. Many times, there are things that are said on the sports broadcasts that have nothing to do with Baltimore. As a Blast fan, I feel that the Blast are not given the exposure that a hometown team should be given. Overall, I am not very happy with the coverage that is given to the Blast.

Jennifer Foehrkolb


Don't ignore Blast

* Though "March Madness" and spring training are upon us, there remains another sport with playoffs and a championship coming up next month. The sport is MSL soccer, and one of the teams in contention is our own Baltimore Blast. Remember them? If you don't, it's not surprising. The media coverage of this team, on TV and in the newspaper, is cursory at best.

I was always under the impression, obviously misguided, that a team with a city name in its title, like the Baltimore Blast, "belonged" to that city and such deserved much more media attention than the 2,000 (it seems like that many) out-of-state basketball teams that have no impact on our city or on our lives. When one has to search the entire sports section or dare not glance away from the TV during a sportscast just to find out if the Blast won or lost, something is radically wrong!

Besides providing a very entertaining and professional game, the Blast has always been involved in many community projects. In fact, one of the players recently spoke to the Students Against Driving Drunk chapter in the high school where I am nurse and the chapter's adviser. The Blast could certainly use more media coverage.

Linda M. Nicastro

Forest Hill

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