Frohwirth cuts roster chances Orioles notebook


SARASOTA, Fla. -- Todd Frohwirth issued four walks in the 10th inning to take the loss in yesterday's 4-3 game with the Pittsburgh Pirates. But that wasn't the worst thing he did to hurt his chances of making the Orioles' pitching staff.

That came earlier, when the righthander, signed as a minor-league free agent out of the Philadelphia Phillies' system, cut his pitching hand while warming up.

"I don't know if he cut it on the ball, or what," said bullpen catcher Sammy Snider, "but he stopped throwing so he could wipe it off."

"He had blood all over his hand, but he didn't say anything," said minor-league pitching coach Tom Brown.

Neither manager Frank Robinson nor pitching coach Al Jackson were aware of the injury to Frohwirth, who got on the team bus immediately after the game. "I'll have to check with him on that," Jackson said before returning to the club's spring training complex.

"That's an example of a guy trying to make the team hurting himself by trying to do something maybe he shouldn't have done," said Robinson. "I've been trying to look at him as much as possible because when we need help later on, if he hasn't made the club, I want to have an idea what to expect."

* GOOD TO SEE YA: A familiar figure showed up at the Orioles' Twin Lakes Park complex early yesterday.

"Hello, Mr. Robinson," the visitor said, entering the manager's office. Robinson turned and did a double take when he saw ex-Oriole outfielder Steve Finley standing in the doorway.

"What are you doing over here?" asked Robinson.

"I came over to get some bats -- the ones I'm using don't have any hits in them," said Finley, who was traded to Houston along with Pete Harnisch and Curt Schilling in the Glenn Davis deal. "We had a day off."

"A day off?" said Robinson. "You get days off over there? I'm going to have to talk to [Houston manager] Art Howe.

* THE INEXPERIENCE FACTOR: If only Gary Redus was a first baseman by trade. In the sixth inning of yesterday's game, the Pirates pulled off a rare triple play. The really sad part is that it could have been unassisted.

With Glenn Davis and Dwight Evans on base and running on the pitch, Craig Worthington lined a shot toward rightfield, the textbook run-and-hit. Except that Redus got in the way.

Once he caught the ball, though, the biggest problem was what to do next.

With Evans and Davis helplessly trapped between bases, Redus could have retired everybody without removing the ball from his glove, thus establishing a place in spring training immortality.

But Redus is an outfielder by trade and he did it the conventional way -- a lob throw to shortstop Jay Bell and a return toss to first to end the inning. Instead of three putouts on one play, Redus settled for two outs and one assist.

* THIS 'N THAT: Cal Ripken has hit in nine of his last 10 games (15-for-25) and Joe Orsulak has connected safely in eight of 10 (14-34).

The 27 unearned runs allowed by the Orioles this spring are more than they allowed in their first 88 regular-season games a year ago.

Jose Mesa (5), Jose Bautista (2) and Gregg Olson (2) had effective, but unspectacular innings yesterday.

Dwight Evans played his second straight game in the outfield yesterday and joined Randy Milligan, Ripken and Davis in the lineup for the third time this spring. Despite an absence of a year and a half, Evans appears comfortable in the outfield and has handled several chances routinely.

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