New environmental reporter debuts


Sorry, but this one is irresistible: The new environmental reporter on WMAR-Channel 2, Scott Broom, makes a clean sweep of the recycling scene in a half-hour news special tonight.

Puns aside, "Closing the Loop" (at 8:30) offers a worthwhile introduction to the growth of regional recycling efforts in Baltimore, Montgomery County, Washington and Northern Virginia and urges viewers to get involved.

"The hard part is getting started," says Broom, who last montreplaced Brad Bell as Channel 2's Project Environment reporter. Bell moved to Washington's WJLA-Channel 7. Broom was previously managing editor of the Aspen (Colo.) Daily News.

An opening dramatization poses "a possible future," wherein a homeowner is sternly informed that no one will pick up his trash any longer because landfills are full.

In straightforward documentary style, Broom offers Harborplace interviews in which citizens are asked where their garbage goes after pickup -- "to the great waste land in the sky?" speculates one young man -- and a sequence of interviews and taped stories of volunteer recycling efforts around the region.

The show's best feature, perhaps, is its presentation of the concept of "precycling," which suggests that shoppers purchase products that can easily be recycled.

This program is part of the "Closing the Loop" project, which also involves Washington's WRC-TV and a variety of civic, governmental and business groups in Baltimore, Washington and Northern Virginia.

In addition to the documentary, the two TV stations will be airing a series of shorter recycling messages. And the project offers a recycling guide book available to schools and community groups. For information, call 828-6746.

RADIO DAZE -- That's a cute, locally sensitive handle the new nighttime deejay on WYST-FM 92.3 is calling himself. He's Danny Ocean, heard from 7 p.m. to midnight, and no doubt when summer comes he'll be adopting the Bawlmerese habit of "goin' downy ayshin" to Ocean City. The announcer came here earlier this month from New York's big Z-100.

Also new on 92 Star today is Barry McKay, in the 3 to 7 p.m. slot, replacing the station's Bernie Lucas, recently named assistant program director and morning-show producer. McKay comes to Baltimore from WZYQ-FM, Z-104, in Frederick.

A HOPEFUL SIGN? -- A flurry of rumors earlier this year had Johnny Carson being permanently replaced on "The Tonight Show" (11:30 p.m., Channel 2) by Jay Leno. But the longtime late-night host may not have to worry, judging from this subtle show of support from NBC:

Telephone callers to the network's media relations offices in Los Angeles, if they are put on hold, find themselves hearing the familiar Carson/"Tonight" theme song.

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