Hawks won't protest loss to Bullets


Atlanta Hawks coach Bob Weiss has decided not to file a protest over Friday night's controversy-filled, 121-116 loss to the Washington Bullets at the Baltimore Arena.

"Coach Weiss thought of protesting to [National Basketball Association director of operations] Rod Thorn, but changed his mind before our game with Miami Saturday night," said Hawks publicist Arthur Triche.

Weiss was disturbed over several officiating decisions, most notably an incident in the fourth quarter of the Bullets game when a free throw by Hawks forward Dominique Wilkins was nullified 33 seconds after the play occurred.

The scoring table informed the officials that Wilkins should not have been shooting free throws since it was not a bonus situation.

Weiss then argued in vain that subsequent action, including a basket by the Bullets' Pervis Ellison, also should have been erased.

According to the NBA rule book, the Hawks had 24 seconds to rectify the mistake, but were not granted a timeout.

BTC Because of the malfunctioning scoreboard, there were several disputes over the 24-second clock. A three-point shot by Ledell Eackles at the buzzer took 27 seconds according to the official play-by-play.

Trouble with the electrical equipment at the Baltimore Arena has been a recurring problem for the Bullets, who again played four games there this season.

"Everything was again working fine the day of the game ," said Bullets vice president Susan O'Malley. "Then everything went wrong when the game started. We still don't know what caused the scoreboard to break down."

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