CNN releases war video


Now that the Persian Gulf war is over, CNN has released a video on how it began.

"Desert Storm: The War Begins," which explores the background of the conflict and ends with the first day of actual fighting, should be in video stores and supermarkets shortly if it's not there already. Turner Home Entertainment began distributing about 300,000 copies of the 1-hour, 17-minute tape about a week ago.

Anchored by Cable News Network's Bernard Shaw, the tape includes footage of war leaders such as Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf, excerpts of an interview with Saddam Hussein and reporting by CNN correspondents -- including that of Mr. Shaw, Peter Arnett and John Holliman in Baghdad the first night that it was bombed. The tape, which retails for $14.98, will be followed by a second video currently in production that deals with the rest of the war.

A check of several local stores failed to turn up a copy of the tape, although some said they had ordered copies or were considering doing so. Other store owners, however, said they thought viewers might already have turned their attentions away from the war.

"I think it might be overkill," Tony Dyess, owner of Glen Burnie Video, said of the CNN tape. "I think there was already so much on TV, and a lot of the public taped some of it."

Others, however, say some people still are interested in war-related videos, such as "General Schwarzkopf: How the War Was Won," a tape sold by ABC News of the general's press briefing after the ground offensive.

"It's really moving out of here," said Sean Gardner, manager of Blockbuster Video in Hamilton.

Danica McKeever, manager of Crossroad Video in Fallston, said she has ordered the CNN tape.

"[The war] was a big event," she said. "I'm sure a lot of people will be curious about what went on."

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