At last, Donald and Ivana Trump officially settle their divorce deal

NEW YORK -- The couple of the '80s who split in the '90s, Donald and Ivana Trump officially brought down the curtain Saturday when they settled on the divorce deal of the decade.

In discussions Friday that went from 5 p.m. to midnight, Donald and Ivana met face to face in the Park Avenue law office of Jay Goldberg, who represents Donald. Things were testy for a while. But, Mr. Goldberg said, "As with all final divorce negotiations, things started off hot, and then reason overcame emotion."


In the end, the $14 million cash settlement came down to who gets the old Mercedes (Ms. Trump) and when $4 million gets paid to her (sooner than he wanted).

In addition to a $10 million certified check that he handed over to Ms. Trump during the meeting, Mr. Trump agreed to pay her $4 million no sooner than one year and no later than two years from now, after she vacates the Trump Tower triplex.


The other sticking point in the multimillion-dollar divorce settlement was the 1987 Mercedes that Ms. Trump said Mr. Trump gave her and then repossessed.

Thursday, after leaving divorce court, Mr. Trump complained that she had been "nickel and diming" him over the car. They agreed Friday night that she would get the Merce


Ms. Trump receives $10 million, the 45-room Greenwich, Conn., mansion, a Manhattan apartment at Trump Plaza on Third Avenue, $300,000 annually in child support, $350,000 a year in alimony, and use of the Trumps' Florida mansion, Mar-a-Lago, for one month a year.

Mr. Trump has said he would decide within the next month whether his ex-wife will be allowed to retain her job at the Plaza Hotel.

At one point in the middle of the settlement negotiations, Mr. Trump sped off to an awards dinner for Muhammad Ali in New Jersey, made a speech, and then returned to the negotiations.

"After a year of hard feeling and dispute, it was heartening to see the matter end with both of them satisfied and happy that it was over and ready to go on with their lives," Mr. Goldberg said. Also present at the talks were her divorce lawyers Michael Kennedy and Phillip Schaeffer, and Mr. Trump's other divorce lawyer, Stanford Lotwin.

On Wednesday, Mr. Trump announced that he and his ex had reached a divorce settlement, but the next day he was left standing in Manhattan Supreme Court with a $10 million check for Ms. Trump, because Mr. Kennedy was in California on a case and did not show for the session.