* Several countians have completed naval training...

* Several countians have completed naval training at their recruit centers.

During their eight-week training cycle, the countians studied general military subjects designed to prepare them for further academic and on-the-job training in one of the Navy's 85 basic fields.


Studies included seamanship, close-order drill, naval history andfirst aid. Personnel who complete this course of instruction are eligible for three hours of college credit in physical education and hygiene.

Navy Airman Recruit James E. Mohney, son of Jeannie M. Wroten of Sykesville, has completed recruit training at Recruit Training Command, San Diego.


Mohney is a 1988 graduate of Liberty High School.

Navy Seaman Recruit Chester G. Clark, a 1990 graduate of Westminster High School, has completed recruit training at Recruit TrainingCommand, Great Lakes, Ill.

The son of Robert L. and Kathleen A. Clark of Finksburg, Clark joined the Navy in November 1990.

* Navy Ensign John S. Pisanic, son of Roslyn M. Sloman of Westminster, has completed the Navy's basic surface warfare officer's course.

Duringthe 18-week course at Surface Warfare Officers School, Pacific, San Diego, Pisanic was taught to perform as a watch and division officer aboard Navy ships.

He received extensive instruction on the dutiesof an underway officer of the deck, which include ship-handling and maneuvering in formation under simulated battle conditions.

Pisanic is a 1985 graduate of Gilman High School, Baltimore, and a graduateof Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn., with a bachelor's degree. He joined the Navy in March 1990.