From: Lloyd R. Helt Jr.

Mayor of Sykesville

"Time After Time" for me is a song that can't be beat.

It was written in 1937 by Sammy Cahn and Jules Styne and has in recent yearsenjoyed quite a revival with Placido Domingo, Cindi Lauper, Carly Simon, and (my personal favorite) at the mayor's wedding, Don Coburn, among others, giving their interpretations to this evergreen hit.

You can even hear it on many mornings passing 7600 Main St., as the crazy resident therein bellows forth the tune while taking his shower after his morning run around our beautiful bit of heaven.

On Tuesday, May 7, 1991, our town will hold a general election for three positions on our council.

The hours, I hope, will be from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m., when you can mark your X's on a paper ballot and stuff it in the ancient box under the watchful gaze of Thelma Wimmer and others at the Town House.

This year, if you're registered with the county and a resident of the town, you're registered with the town, althoughthe town does maintain a separate list for those who feel, for whatever weak reason, that jury duty is inappropriate for them and desire to keep their names off the county lists from which juries are impaneled.

At any rate, if you are registered and desire to involve yourself in our quaint but meaningful custom, the issues to resolve thisyear should be clear and exciting.

A few of these subjects are: Whether the historic district should be independent, somewhat, and viable; whether the train station should be preserved and, in addition, made commercially sound; whether our commercial base, and hence our tax base, should be expanded at minimal or any risk; whether our budget process should be flexible and service-oriented rather than adhering to arbitrary and capricious, constant-yield dogma; whether petty jealousies and economic self-interest have a place on our council; whether our town employees should be treated with the courtesy, respect and reasonable job benefits they so richly merit for the great job they do for us; whether our system itself should be an open and inclusive one where all matters are debated in a positive and constructive environment; and in addition, but definitely not in conclusion, whetherSykesville can continue to take justifiably its place as the best small town anywhere.

The choice, as they say, is yours. But however you decide, all of us should be grateful that we, as residents of this town, at this time, can sing with Mr. Styne of old: "Time after time, I tell myself that I'm so lucky to be loving you" (Sykesville).


From: Carole Henkel

New Windsor

Recently, Western Maryland College put on a six-day production of the 1970s play, "Godspell."

Being lucky enough to have called early, we got ticketsto the last night.

When the play was first produced on Broadway in New York, my husband and I were very fortunate to get tickets and found the play to be very enjoyable.

However, this time I took my daughter, Jenni, and her friend, Maria.

The girls were not familiarwith the concept of the play, (but) with some slight explanation on my part and the wonderful, spirited, energetic and updated style with which the very talented students of WMC drama department presented "Godspell," the girls sat wide-eyed and in awe and sang "Day by Day" all the way home to New Windsor.

Hats off and bravos to their remarkable director, Rob McQuay. He has much to be proud of.

We are eagerly awaiting any and all productions by WMC.


EDITOR'S NOTE: Rising costs, fewer state and federal dollars, and falling county revenues have pushed Carroll's deficit to more than$5 million, spurring immediate cutbacks, reduced work forces and, for the first time, talk of possible layoffs. The Budget Office has directed all county agencies to cut their budgets by 1 percent for fiscal 1991, which ends June 30, and by 2 percent for fiscal 1992. For thefirst time in more than a decade, Carroll will experience actual cuts in programs. We have been asking readers where cuts should be made,should taxes be increased and related questions. Here are some of the replies we received:

From: John L. Engel


I do not support any increase in the tax rate for any reason.

Cut the school budget.

Trim high-priced salaries, and stop comparing our salaries with other jurisdictions.

If they won't work for less, get someone else.

From: Mike Pardoe


I do not support any increase in the tax rate for any reason.

I work for USF & G. To balance our budget we are laying off about 4,000 employees.

Let the state do the same.

From: Ann A. Overton


Ido not support any increase in the tax rate for any reason.

(Salaries for) top heavy managers could be cut.

Consolidate jobs and eliminate paperwork.

I work for the state, (so I know) there are ways to cut costs in every department.

From: Larry R. Myers


I do not support any increase in the tax rate for any reason.

Revenue will increase by 8 percent without a (tax) rate increase.

Government must live within its means, like the rest of us.

From: Charles R. Bowman


I do not support any increasein the tax rate for any reason.

If these government (members) would not waste so much money on their own personal gains, there would be enough money to run the government.

I worked for Carroll County for 9 1/2 years.

The waste and mismanagement of funds that I saw and knew about would make the average tax payer sick.

It was standard operating procedure to waste money then make fun about it.

From: Michele Thompson


I do not support any increase in the tax rate for any reason.

It's difficult to keep up with all the other (price) increases -- electric, phone, food.

We have 7.1 percent unemployment now. Plus we pay for septics, garbage and wells.

I suggest checking over labor, and freezing employment. Reorganize (current employees).

From: Robert E. Smith


I do not support any increase in the tax rate for any reason.

The proposed $110.3 million school budget should be slashed.

We have increased taxes, either by assessment or increase (in tax rate).

The more money available, the (more) money they spend.

From: M. H. Rakestraw

Union Bridge

I support increasing the sales tax rate by one cent to be used for meeting expenses without a lot of nuisance taxes.

Not one-half cent -- that half-cent would be a pain in the neck!

EDITOR'S NOTE: The county does not have a sales tax. The sales tax is collected and spent by the state.


From: Ann A. Overton


Thanks for the section "Status of Carroll County Legislative Delegation Package."

It's easy to read andinformative.

The whole Annapolis '91 section is appreciated.


From: Ann A. Overton


I had heard about the inconsiderate healthy people who take the handicapped parking.

Last night (March 14) in the snow and rain at Westminster High, 30 minutes before the concert, the three spaces marked for handicapped were taken with non-designated cars.

Those people didn't want to be inconvenienced.

Try being on crutches and having to travel more than twice the distance just to get into the building.

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