Members of the Recycling Committee set up two years ago to advise the County Commissioners are asking to change their name to reflect theexpanded role they are taking.

Instead of looking just at recycling, the group would like to advise on related waste issues such as how to minimize trash in the first place, said member Jennifer DeArmey of Sykesville.

They are sending a letter to the commissioners to have their namechanged to the Solid Waste Management Advisory Council.

"We feel strongly you can't just separate recycling out of that," said DeArmey, who also is director of the Carroll County Farm Museum. "We'd like to be able to represent the total system."

The group consists of about 10 county residents and representatives of of business, government, trash haulers and community groups.

Although their task was specifically to come up with a recycling plan for the county to submit to the state last summer, the committee wants to continue to help implement the recycling goals and even exceed them, DeArmey said.

"We're not interested in just meeting the state mandate of 15 percent," she said of the portion of waste the county must recycle by 1994.

"The committee is interested in a lifestyle change," she said.

Thecommittee can help educate the community about buying products with an eye toward what would create the least waste, said DeArmey and committee chairman James Thomas of Taneytown, a Westminster acupuncturist.

Also, the committee could be a citizen voice helping advise on curbside recycling, proposed increases in tipping fees and other waste issues, they said.

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