One of the first tasks members of the new Environmental Affairs Advisory Board have offered to take on is urging Carroll residents to install water-saving devices on their faucets, showers and toilets.

At their meeting Thursday, board members volunteered to spread the word -- even through speaking to large groups -- about the devices available through the county, after hearing an update about how a hiring freeze and budget problems are slowing down the county's water conservation plans.

Catherine Rappe, chief of the Bureau of Water Resource Management, said the county plans to spend $10,000 to buy up to 800 kits to give to residents.

But budget problems leave no money for staff to install the kits, Rappe said, and the county doesn't want to give them out without assurances they're installed.

Board member Franklin L.Grabowski of Aspen Run offered to speak to groups to alert them of the kits and other board members said they would think of low-cost ways of installing them.

Grabowski, a civil engineer, suggested requiring anyone who asks for any building permit to install a kit, and have the building inspector who checks the work also check to see the kits were installed.

Each kit includes devices for two bathrooms and a kitchen: three faucet aerators, two water-saving shower heads andtwo toilet dams.

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