The Town Council will have a public...


The Town Council will have a public hearing at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow atthe Town House, 7547 Main St., on three ordinances and two resolutions to approve funding for the Raincliffe Center.

The ordinances authorize a $500,000 Maryland Industrial Land Act loan, a $250,000 county loan and a $750,000 Maryland Industrial and Commercial Redevelopment Fund loan, on the creation of a special taxing district for the 32-acre industrial park.

The resolutions create the special tax district, impose a specialtax on the center and set up a fund for the county and state loans.

Also at tomorrow night's Town Council meeting, a resolution will be introduced on refuse disposal fees and Dumpster charges.

The resolution provides for the imposition and collection of fees for the collection and disposal of refuse and for penalties for violations.

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