A Fallston company has been denied zoning approval to start tree grinding and gravel excavation operations at a 56-acre site on Mountain Road near Joppa.

In a 56-page ruling issued Tuesday, county ZoningHearing Examiner William F. Casey rejected a request by T.C. Simons Inc. for seven special zoning exceptions and variances to start the operations on the site.

Simons, a construction and contracting company established in 1972, wanted to set up the tree grinding and gravel extraction operations on two tracts along both sides of Mountain Road near Singer Road.

The company planned to bring in rock, concrete and blacktop from construction sites to fill in the excavation site over the next five years.

Simons also wanted to store at least 100 construction vehicles and sell mulch and gravel at the site.

Simons needed the exceptions and variances because the sites -- bordered by the Mountain Road Park, several farms and residential developments -- are zoned for agricultural uses.

In his ruling, Casey said he rejected the company's requests because Simons did not provide enough information on the proposed operations or their effects on nearby residential areas.

Simons has 20 days to appeal Casey's ruling to the county Board of Appeals. The seven-member County Council serves as the appeals board.

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