Coach: Bill Larkin, second season.

Assistants: Chuck Muir, Bob Pruitt, Alex Balaco, Larry Noel.

Last year's record: 13-3, state Class 1A/2A semifinalist.

Starters lost: 7.

Top returnees: Omar Rahmaan, sr., M; Keith Letourneau, sr., A; Phillip Samuel, sr., D; Sean Manson, sr., G; Doug Dumler, sr., M; Fred Brown, sr., M; Keith Spurlin, sr., M; George Harvey, sr., D.

Newcomers: Brian Andrychowski, jr., A; Kenny Young, jr., A; Tim Beach so., M; Barry Amrich, jr., M; Craig Davis, so., D; Johnny Mack, jr., D; Dave Smith, sr., M; Rick Finfera, jr., G.

Coach's outlook: If we mature, especially at midfield, we'll be in good shape. Right now, we just don't have the confidence. We're young, but we have some good athletes, so I'm optimistic. We could end up winning 10 games or we could end up winning seven. Our goal is still to make the playoffs like it always is.

Harford County Sun's outlook: One veteran returns to each of the Rams starting units, so Larkin has somethingto build on. But he can't expect three people to do all the work. His biggest concern is at midfield where Rahmaan was practically a one-man unit a year ago. With someone as dominating as Rahmaan around, youngsters can have a tendency to let him do all the work, but Larkin expects Beach and Amrich to help out right away. If those two, up fromjv, can mature quickly, the Rams will be at least as strong as last year. On attack, the Rams show promise with Andrychowski and Young joining Letourneau on the first unit. But the strength of the Rams is at defense where Samuel, Davis and Mack have come together quickly.

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