Editor's note: What follows are some of the responses we received tothe survey "How should Harford recycle?" that appeared in the Harford County Sun March 3.


From: Christine Lehr

Bel Air

First of all, I would like to say I really enjoyed the recycle article in the Feb. 24 edition, "Recycling: a cause whose time has come in the county," by Mark Guidera. He really spoke the truth when he said, "Everyone can do it (recycle), except for those who are lazy."

Recycling is something everyone should be doing. I cannot believe how many people won't even considerchanging a few old habits to improve our planet. Don't all of these people realize how crucial it is now to help preserve our land? Especially for all of our children and their future. It is up to all of usto start changing so our children and grandchildren can breathe clean, fresh air. Isn't that worth the small effort it takes to recycle?

Recycling is the most easiest and rewarding job I have ever done. I feel so good about myself every time I pull out of the recycling center. It makes me feel like I gave my two sons a great gift. My children are going to be brought up to think that there are and always have been four types of garbage.

I hope that by writing this letter, I can help to influence just a few people to recycle.


From: Jim Litke


Mandatory curbside recycling would most likely benefit the county's need for better waste management. It would require all residents to participate, not just the slim percentages who currently trek their recycleables to drop-off centers.

As a volunteer member of a recycling drop-off project, I have seen anumber of concerned souls make the effort to recycle. What I don't see are the recyclables from the five out of six households thatdon't recycle.

The county should move to educate all of the people as tothe importance of reusing our resources and at the same time make itmandatory that all who generate waste participate. Curbside service would make it convenient for everybody.

Investing large sums of money -- $5 million -- for recycling separation machines should not be necessary if proper bins with multiple compartments are issued to allhouseholds for separation at the source.


From: Donna M. Carotenuto

Bel Air

It is appalling that a young, growing county such as Harford County does not have mandatory curbside recycling. Our children, the next generation, could be deprived of fresh, green trees, blue oceans and, most importantly, clean air.

This crisis is already upon us and will only worsen if we choose not to recycle now. A few extra minutes, that's all it takes. In our home --a family of five -- we have been recycling everything Susquehannock will take for more than a year. It is stored in a small corner of thegarage. Wash it out, remove labels, no smell and no bugs.

Transporting it to Tollgate Road takes no time at all. The result is that weuse one to 1 1/2 cans for trash removal only once a week. This is a family project and all families will benefit from it. (Have you ever had the beach closed while you were on vacation?)

Please enforce mandatory recycling as soon as possible. Use Susquehannock now and soon you will only have to take it to the curb. This is our responsibility. We can all make the difference.

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