But Emus can't beat Tar HeelsEastern Michigan...


But Emus can't beat Tar Heels

Eastern Michigan is relinquishing its nickname, Hurons, but the suggested substitute for the native American Indian tribe is causing quite a flap in Ypsilanti.

Are you ready for the emu, a large flightless bird similar to an ostrich? EMU also happen to be the school's initials.

It's different, anyway.

Incidentally, the nickname "Indians" was once commonplace among schools. In fact, the Stanford Indians beat the Dartmouth Indians in the 1942 NCAA basketball championship game.

Paris weighs as much as France

Coach George Seifert of the San Francisco 49ers has issued an ultimatum to offensive tackle Bubba Paris -- lose weight, or else.

Paris, who weighed more than 365 pounds last year, is reportedly trying to reduce, checking in recently at 345 pounds.

Former coach Bill Walsh twice sent Paris to a weight-loss clinic, saying he once replaced Paris with Steve Wallace because Wallace "finishes his blocks, not his plate."


Second string

Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf may or may not get a fifth star, but the only athletic monogram he'll get from West Point will have to be honorary.

A 1956 alum, Schwarzkopf was on the Army football and wrestling teams but wasn't good enough to earn a letter.

Who needs tickets?

Members of Philadelphia's Simon Gratz High School basketball team are going to the NCAA Final Four as spectators, courtesy of an alumnus.

Rep. Bill Gray finally was able to come through on his promise, made last year, that if Gratz successfully defended its Public League championship, he'd send them to the Final Four in Indianapolis.

Gratz's task may have been easier than Gray's.

"He said the tickets were the hardest he ever tried to get," guard FTC Levan Alston said. "He said the plane and hotel were easy."

Gratz coach Bill Ellerbee was a teammate of Gray's in 1959.

The quote

New Jersey Devils defenseman Peter Taglianetti's description having a 16-inch tube that had been inserted to reinflate a collapsed lung removed: "It was like they were pulling the cord to start a power mower."

A nice perspective

Calgary Flames goaltender Mike Vernon doesn't hear many boos on home ice. But when he does, he's philosophical about it.

"I'd rather they'd take it out on me than their wives and children," he says.

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