Man, 24, is slain at Mondawmin Mall


A 24-year-old Northwest Baltimore man died last night afte being repeatedly shot in the head in the Mondawmin Mall parking lot, police said.

The victim, Carlton Maurice Boone of the 1000 block of Argyle Avenue, died shortly after the shooting at 5:45 p.m. while being transported to Liberty Medical Center, said Detective Mark Tomlin, a homicide investigator.

Mr. Boone's killer remains unidentified and at large.

Though police ruled out robbery as a motive, they said they did not know why Mr. Boone was killed, Detective Tomlin said.

The victim was getting into his car, parked on the side of the parking lot facing Frederick Douglass High School, when he was shot, Detective Tomlin said.

Witnesses reported seeing a man walk up to Mr. Boone and shoot him at close range, "for God only knows what reason," he said.

A small-caliber handgun was used to kill Mr. Boone, the detective said.

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