Around the house* Deodorize plastic food containers....

Around the house

* Deodorize plastic food containers. Soak overnight in a solution of one part baking soda to three parts water. Rinse with clear water and wash.


* Find wall studs easily when hanging pictures. Slide a compass along the wall -- the needle will jump when a stud is present. Or an electric razor will change its tone as it crosses a stud.

* Remove gum from carpet or fabric. Place a piece of wax paper over gum and run a hot iron over area until gum adheres to paper. Be sure to test fabric for heat resistance in an inconspicuous spot.


* Turn mattress every six months to prevent sags. A good way to remember is to time the mattress turning to when you turn the clocks either back or ahead.

* Prevent soggy crusts in fruit pies. Brush bottom crust with a beaten egg white before adding filling. This will prevent the crust from absorbing the juice.

In the garden

* When repotting a house plant, place a large coffee filter in the bottom of flowerpot before adding soil. The filter will prevent soil from washing through the drainage hole.