Fred's, Solomon's Island Road, Parole. 224-2386. When...


Fred's, Solomon's Island Road, Parole. 224-2386. When most people think about dining in Annapolis, I'm willing to bet a crab claw most of them don't think about Fred's. But maybe they should. Fred's is a regular place on Solomons Island Road, miles from the City Dock. It is a comfortable restaurant, with a fairly informal crowd and a menu that mixes its Italian heritage with its surroundings. That means lots of seafood lots of ways. We particularly enjoyed the Antipasto Supreme for two ($9.95), which included crab and clam favorites around the more traditional salad, cheese and meat topped with a rich dressing. The service, unfortunately, was a bit cavalier. $$moderate. (Last visited 1/91.)

LYNN WILLIAMS Jackie's Cafe Omni Inner Harbor Hotel, 101 W. Fayette St., 685-8100. Jacqueline was a worldly sophisticate who could turn out a mean choucroute garni. Jackie is a perky all-American girl whose culinary tastes are more home-grown. The two J's are not women, but a single restaurant; the Omni has replaced Jacqueline Cafe and Bistro with the less formal, less eclectic Jackie. It's pretty, the service is fine and upscaled Blue Plate Specials are nice, if not particularly memorable. $$moderate. (Last visited 2/91.)


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Leilani's of Hawaii, 889 N. Howard St., 225-2610. What's most Hawaiian about Leilani's is Leilani, whose hearty laugh infuses invaluable vitality into this pretty, antique eating place. We liked her spirit, we appreciated her pretty rooms, and we liked the design of our dinners, though two of three entrees were under-cooked. The problem, says Leilani, was a malfunctioning oven, which was driving her crazy. Our appetizers were delicious, and so was a shrimp, crab and scallops-stuffed Dover sole turbaned in bananas. $$$expensive. (Last visited 1/91.)

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