Ernst & Young names new chief of local office


The Baltimore office of the national accounting firm Ernst & Young, which has the largest staff of accountants in the city, announced yesterday the appointment of Robert G. Neubert as its second managing partner in less than three years.

Mr. Neubert replaces Ronald J. Kozich, who will become managing partner at Ernst & Young's Philadelphia office. Both appointments become official April 1, said Ronald C. Diegelman, director of planning and marketing for the Baltimore office.

Mr. Neubert was in New Zealand on a business trip yesterday, Mr. Diegelman said. Neither he nor Mr. Kozich could be reached for comment.

Mr. Kozich came to the Baltimore office approximately 2 1/2 years ago, Mr. Diegelman said. Previously he had been national director of specialized services in Ernst & Young's Cleveland office, where he coordinated the firm's activities in such areas as health care, financial services and insurance.

While it is usually Ernst & Young's practice to move a managing partner's successor into a branch office as much as a year ahead of his appointment, the managing partner in Philadelphia announced recently that he would become chief financial officer of Corestates Bank Corp., a large bank holding company that is a major client of that office, Mr. Diegelman said.

Since Corestates is a client of the firm, the partner was forced to break all ties with Ernst & Young immediately because of the firm's obligation to the Securities and Exchange Commission to be independent, he said.

"Because the whole matter came up so quickly we needed someone who was very close and could move into the new position very quickly," Mr. Diegelman added.

Mr. Neubert graduated from Pennsylvania State University and Harvard Business School. Since 1985 he has served as director of international services for Ernst & Young in New York. He was previously director of the firm's audit practice in Houston and has worked in its offices in the Caribbean, Paris, New York and Stamford, Conn.

The Baltimore office has more than 300 people and is the largest office of certified public accountants in the city, according to a ranking by the Baltimore Business Journal.

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