George W. Grider, a Tennessee Democrat who...


George W. Grider, a Tennessee Democrat who served in the House of Representatives from 1964 to 1967, died Wednesday at age 78. A 1936 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Mr. Grider was a highly decorated World War II commander. Under his command, the USS Flasher sank more Japanese tankers than any other submarine.

Ralph A. Chesse, founder of San Francisco's Marionette Theater, died Sunday of a heart attack in Central Point, Ore. He was 91. Mr. Chesse began the theater in the mid-1920s with "Hamlet" as the first production. During the early days of television, he had a weekly marionette show on KPIX called "Brother Buzz" that taught children to be kind to animals.

Frederick Mennen, an industrialist, inventor and founder of the Jiffy Pop popcorn business, died Tuesday in LaPorte, Ind., after a long illness. He was 62. He was involved in heavy metal manufacturing and food packaging and founded Mennen Food Products Inc., which produced Jiffy Pop, in 1958.The comnpany was sold to American Home Products Corp., and he headed the food division at American Home. In 1963 he founded U.S. Packing Corp. Mr. Mennen was president of U.S. Packaging at the time of his death.

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