A Linthicum developer yesterday announced plans to build a "multi-multimillion-dollar" industrial park near Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

The 121-acre park, which will take seven years to complete and eventually include 1.3 million square feet of office and manufacturing space and a hotel, is being planned by the Hock Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Joseph J. Hock Inc. of Linthicum.

Joseph J. Hock Inc., a contract hauler and supplier of highway materials, owns about 400 acres, all slated for development, in Anne Arundel and Howard counties.

This site, off Nursery Road at the Baltimore-Washington Expressway interchange, is between the Maritime Marine Training Center and Airport Square Technical Park, opposite Westinghouse Electric Corp.'s new headquarters, now under construction.

"It's a phenomenal location, probably one of the more significant business parks in the Baltimore-Washington area because of its proximityto the airport, the Baltimore Beltway and Baltimore-Washington Expressway," said J. Gary Lee, a development consultant who also is handling marketing for the Hock Group.

Hock Business Park, zoned for industrial use, will consist mostly of office buildings. Some light manufacturing and distribution also is planned.

Eighty-three acres have been subdivided into parcels of four to 20 acres. Six-and-a-half acres have been set aside for a hotel. At the rear, 16 acres zoned for open space will lend a "picturesque" air to the park, Lee said.

The Hock Group plans to retain ownership of the various buildings to control the park's long-term development.

Buildings will be designedfor specific tenants, Lee said.

"This property is too inherently attractive and valuable to make this anything but a higher-end development," he said. The developer has not put a price on the business park, but Lee said it will be a "multi-multimillion-dollar" project.

Rosemary Duggins, a business development representative with the county's Department of Economic Development, said HockBusiness Park willbe one of the larger industrial parks near the airport, though not the largest.

Councilman George Bachman,D-Linthicum, said news aboutthe business park reinforces his determination to bring light rail to the area. "The whole of Nursery Road is earmarked for that kind of development. I'm concerned about transportation -- getting people in an out," as more people start working.

No lease agreements have been signed, but discussions with several tenants are under way, Lee said. Despite the slumping economy, "We've actually gotten very good interest thus far, and we've only been marketing over the last couple of weeks."

There have been no negotiations yet with a hotel operator. "The (hotel) industry's in a state of limbo," Lee said. "We're looking for a business person's hotel at the upper end" of the financialspectrum.

With land preparation and road construction at the business park nearing completion, the Hock Group will start building as soon as the first lease agreements are signed, Lee said.

The Hock Group has participated as a partner in other development ventures, butthe business park will be the first project it has done on its own.

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