Best picture: 'Dances With Wolves'


It's maybe no surprise that "Dances With Wolves" is our readers' choice for Best Picture of 1990. Kevin Costner's epic western drew 55 percent of the votes (56 out of 101) of Evening Sun readers and other callers to Lou Cedrone's SUNDIAL Oscar Line. The 63rd Academy Awards will be broadcast Monday night at 9 on ABC.

The wildly successful "Ghost" was a distant second with 20 percent, followed by the also-rans "Awakenings" (11 percent), "GoodFellas" (9 percent) and "Godfather III" (5 percent).

Lou's trivia question for last Friday finally stumped most respondents. Asked to name the author of "Wiseguy," the book that became "GoodFellas," 41 percent guessed Pat Conroy and 35 percent guessed Nelson DeMille. Twenty-three percent knew the book is by Nicholas Pileggi.

There is still time -- not much -- to enter "You vs. Lou," our fourth annual Academy Awards contest. An entry form will be published in the Sunday Sun.

Entries must be postmarked no later than Sunday, March 24.

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