Towson's Greetings & Readings hits the airwaves--in Spanish


Greetings & Readings en Towson es ahora 35 porciento mas grande.

Stumped for a way to make sure the radio commercials announcing its expansion would be noticed, Towson-based Greetings & Readings decided to tape the spots in Spanish.

It worked.

"When you listen to the radio now, there are just a flood of commercials -- it's hard to distinguish them," says Steven Baum, president of the 21-year-old family-owned book, card and gift shop. "But people listened to this. I've been getting calls from people asking what the commercial said [and from] students who have had a little Spanish and Spanish people too."

The radio spots, which ran on WLIF-FM (Lite 102) Friday through Monday every three hours, were created by Baltimore-based Maleson Advertising Inc.

While a Spanish-speaking commercial would hardly be unusual in Miami or San Antonio, Texas, one in Baltimore -- with its 1 percent Hispanic population -- apparently caught a lot of people off guard.

"If its purpose was to get attention for its client, it definitely was successful," said Bob Moke, WLIF program director, who says the radio station handled several calls from curious listeners over the weekend.

The ad features the voice of a Peruvian-born woman talking about Greetings & Readings' expansion to 34,000-square-feet and its new product lines. (The first sentence of this article translates: "Greetings & Readings in Towson is now 35 percent larger." That was the opening line of the commercial.)

The woman says the store at Loch Raven Boulevard and Taylor Avenue offers Wedgewood, Lenox and Lladro giftware and computers and has enlarged its book section.

"I'm not certain it was the commercial, but sales were great last weekend," Mr. Baum says. "I even sold a computer system to a Spanish family who spoke Spanish most of the time they were here."

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