Quote of the day"I think we ought...


Quote of the day

"I think we ought to have a right to do the same thing, to sit in on editorial boards and see how they make their public policy decisions. What's good for the goose is good for the gander."

R. Clayton Mitchell Jr., House speaker, D-Kent, saying he is considering amending the open-meetings bill to require newspaper editorial boardsto open their meetings


10 a.m.: House and Senate convene, State House.

1 p.m.: Senate Budget and Taxation Committee considers capital budget requests involving Montgomery County projects, Room 100, Senate Office Building.

1 p.m.: House Appropriations Committee considers legislation involving overtime compensation for Department of Natural Resources police, Room 130, House Office Building.

1 p.m.: House Economic Matters Committee considers Senate versions of the Schaefer administration's package of insurance legislation, Room 150, House Office Building.

There are 19 days remaining in the 1991 General Assembly session.

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