Gowns are cheaper the second time around


Party time

Just in time for prom season and the spring party circui comes the opening of a new consignment shop specializing in gently used after-five dresses.

Pretty Woman, located in a Towson office building at 7400 York Road, is offering secondhand prom dresses for an average price of $60, wedding gowns that range from $100-300, and dinner dresses for as little as $30. You'll even find dresses here for the mother of the bride and a small selection of first communion dresses.

Penny-wise prom-goers can even earn a little extra money by recycling a prom dress bought at the store. After the prom, simply bring it in freshly cleaned and the store will offer a price based on its resale potential. Call 823-2825 for hours.

Through the glass darkly

Here's some good news for all of you who don't want to spend a lot of money on new shades for the summer.

According to Consumer Reports 1991 "Buying Guide," after testing more than 180 sunglasses priced from $2 to $200, their experts discovered that, "price bears precious little relationship to practical performance."

PD Every pair they tested provided good protection against UV rays.

For those who want to be certain that you're getting maximum UV protection, the book suggests looking for sunglasses labeled "Meets ANSI Z80.3 General Purpose UV Requirements" and also lists high numbers in the statement, "These Lenses Block --% UVB and --% UVA."

Making up

Janice Kinigopoulos has brushed and styled to perfection many an eyebrow in her years as a local makeup artist and she's come to the conclusion that a simple tube of $4 clear mascara works just as well as the $12 eyebrow glue that's been created just for that purpose.

She has also discovered how to make the most of whatever makeup she happens to have on hand. Next time you make a mistake and buy a foundation that's too dark, don't throw it away. Ms. Kinigopoulos suggests just adding a little water and save it for summer. when your skin is a little darker and you need a more sheer foundation anyway.

She also recommends a lipstick brush -- not only for getting every last bit out of that tube -- but also for the smoothest-looking application. But make it a retractable brush, she says, because if you get one with a top on it, the top inevitably falls off and gets lost and the brush will collect lint from the bottom of your handbag.

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