Kiam is just what this town doesn't need


Opinion: To Victor Kiam: Please lose our address.

Fact: The 10 teams that have made the NCAAs each of the past five years: UNLV, LSU, Georgetown, Duke, North Carolina, Georgia Tech, Indiana, Arizona, Syracuse and -- surprise -- Xavier.

Opinion: Lenny Dykstra must be a very, very bad poker player.

Fact: Reggie Williams is in the Denver Nuggets' starting lineup.

Opinion: Very big Arizona is the team to beat UNLV, which is vulnerable to big men, but the Wildcats are too soft.

Fact: The Orioles have the worst record in the AL East over the past five years. They're 87 games behind first-place Toronto and 16 behind sixth-place Detroit.

Opinion: Kenny Anderson and Billy Owens will go to the NBA. Shaquille O'Neal and Alonzo Mourning will stay put.

Fact: There will be 50,000 screaming Hoosiers at the Final Four in Indianapolis. (Just in case Gen. Bob happens by.)

Opinion: Duke, North Carolina, UNLV and Arkansas will still be playing this time next week.

Fact: (Youth Movement Update) With Randy Milligan in left and Dwight Evans in right, the Orioles' lineup would include five players who will be 30 by the end of the year.

Opinion: Fly So Free will not win the Kentucky Derby.

Fact: North Carolina can make the Final Four without beating a team ranked in the top 25 (if Temple beats Oklahoma State in the other East semifinal.)

Opinion: And here I thought Steffi Graf would be No. 1 for a decade.

Fact: Those road-trippin' Orioles will play exhibition games in 14 stadiums this spring.

Opinion: The NCAA tournament just doesn't seem as big without Brent up by the big board.

Fact: Wilt Chamberlain had 52 games of 50 or more points.

Opinion: Towson could have given Ohio State a real scare on a neutral floor.

Fact: A 20-year-old from Oakland Mills High School named Dante Washington is the new scoring sensation on the U.S. national soccer team.

Opinion: The best young pitcher you haven't heard of is Seattle's Erik Hanson (12-3, 2.65 ERA in past 19 starts).

Fact: Razor Ruddock's manager, Murad Muhammad, said Sunday that "even the common man on welfare comes to these fights." (Tickets for Monday night's were priced from $100 to $800.)

Opinion: Rodney Monroe is terrific and all, but he stopped working for the ball Saturday in the second half when Oklahoma State stepped up the pressure.

Fact: Mr. Muhammad introduced Ruddock at a news conference as "the next former heavyweight."

Opinion: For a team that spent all that money, the Red Sox don't have an imposing rotation.

Fact: Exactly half of this year's NCAA teams were in the field last year.

Opinion: Maryland could have beaten six of the eight NCAA teams that played at Cole.

Fact: Tippy Martinez is the pitching coach at Towson State.

Opinion: If Richmond and Syracuse were still playing their first-round game today, Jim Boeheim would not have figured out how to attack Richmond's zone.

Fact: The Yankees traded away the 1990 American League MVP, National League Cy Young and World Series MVP. (Rickey Henderson, Doug Drabek, Jose Rijo.)

Opinion: Jerry Tarkanian's martyr act is getting very, very old.

Fact: Those run-and-gun Denver Nuggets hung up a 12-spot in the third quarter the other night.

Opinion: John Thompson looks ready to take on a new challenge.

Fact: Higher-seeded teams won 39 of the 48 games in the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament.

Opinion: It's a good idea to hold Gregg Olson way back this spring.

Fact: Steve Finley is batting leadoff for the Astros.

Opinion: With all that minor-league talent waiting behind him, Bob Milacki better start showing something or he could get lost in a hurry.

Fact: (From the "Why Build a New Stadium" File) The Toronto Blue Jays' 1990 attendance (3.8 million) was larger than the population of Ireland.

Opinion: Glenn Davis is going to hit 37 home runs.

Fact: Yes, Johns Hopkins' amazing Andy Enfield really did make 123 of 129 free throws this season.

Opinion: Someone better tell CBS that we don't care what Mike Francesa thinks.

Fact: (From Eli Jacobs' clip file) The Atlanta Braves spent $16 million to sign Sid Bream and Terry Pendleton, who batted a combined .249 last season.

Opinion: I keep forgetting if the WLAF is a football league or a wrestling federation.

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