Wayne Reisberg, second year. GIRLS -- Jim Horn, ninth year

Assistant coaches: Donna Fleming, Jimmy Rodriguez

Last year's record: BOYS -- 4-3 in dual meets, fifth in the county, fourth in the Central Maryland Conference, eighth in Class 3A Region I, tied for 26th in the state in Class 3A. GIRLS -- 6-2 in dual meets, fourth in the county, seventh in the Central Maryland Conference, fourth in Class 3A Region I, ninth in the state Class 3A meet

Top returnees: BOYS -- Seniors, Bryan Gerringer (throws), Dave Hammel (distance), Sean Kessler (jumps, pole vault); juniors, Jim Clarius (distance), Craig Foreman (sprints), Tim White (hurdles, jumps), Matt Patterson (jumps); sophomores, Matt Crill (distance), Leo Fryrear (sprints), Henry Oswald (throws), Aaron Quidort (distance). GIRLS -- Seniors, Heather Marks (throws), Michelle Quidort (middle distance); juniors, Rima Allport (sprints, throws), Brooxxe Bly (jumps), April Ludwig(sprints, hurdles), Jen Mullins (middle distance, hurdles), Melanie Phipps (middle distance); sophomores, Denine Henderson (jumps, hurdles), Kerri Murphy (middle distance)

Top newcomers: BOYS -- Senior, Goerge Dick (jumps); juniors, Brian Ridings (throws), Ryan Hull (sprints), Ronnie Robinson (sprints); freshman, Shaun Collins (middle distance). GIRLS -- Junior, Jenny Skiratko (hurdler); sophomore, Kim Woodward (middle distance); freshmen, Katrina Crew (throws), Karen Hammel(distance), Stacey Livesay (distance), Heather Young (middle distance, sprints), Amy Blevins (sprints), Molly Cage (throws).

Coaches' comments: BOYS -- "I think we're going to be pretty solid all around on the boys side. I can see us fighting for second or third in the county." GIRLS -- "We're going through a lot of injury and illness."

The Carroll County Sun's outlook: BOYS -- Their quality and depth atmiddle distance will help the Cavs, and they'll have some strong performers in other events. Kessler also could do well in the state meet. GIRLS -- The numbers are down and depth is a problem in several events. Injuries have hurt, too, with Mullins out for the season and Livesay, a promising freshman, suffering a variety of injuries and illnesses.

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