From: Greg McMahon

Glen Burnie

it is with great amazement that I noted Tom McMillen's recent conversion to President Bush's side on defense and foreign policy matters.

Recall that in the 1990 Duckworth/McMillen race, McMillen repeatedly attacked both Presidents Reagan and Bush, who share joint credit for making America's military great again.

It must be noted thatthe president's "New World Order," which Mr. McMillen refers to in the recent campaign literature he mailed us -- all at taxpayers' expense -- is occurring in spite of Mr. McMillen, not because of him. He voted against many of the weapons systems proposed by Presidents Reagan and Bush that made the swift and decisive victory over Iraq possible.

He also never fulfilled his promise to voters to seek appointment to the Armed Services Committee. Bob Duckworth will make serving on the Armed Services Committee a top priority. Is this the same Tom McMillen who supported the liberal Michael Dukakis in 1988? What wouldbe the state of affairs in the Middle East today if Tom McMillen's candidate, Michael Dukakis, had won the election?

It seems rather obvious that the incumbent is using the recently concluded war in the Persian Gulf to further his won political self-interest. Mr. McMillen's only contribution to our troops has been to sign his name on newspaper ads proclaiming his support and to make rambling speeches on thesame subject.

At the age of 17, while Mr. McMillen was dribbling a basketball up and down the court, Bob Duckworth was serving his country overseas in the Army's elite 82nd Airborne Division.

While the incumbent is wildly flip-flopping all over the place about how he really feels about the president, there is no doubt where GOP spokesman Bob Duckworth stands. (Federal Issues for the State of Maryland).

When Bob Duckworth takes office in January 1993, we will finally have a congressman who will fight for a strong defense and who will help promote President Bush's policies in Congress.


From: Lola M. Brown


I have been trying to get some data on the storms in the winter of 1958.

I say there was a blizzardin February and a sleet storm in March.

A friend says there was ablizzard in March around Easter.

Any information you can get for me would be very much appreciated.

I enjoy this part of The Anne Arundel County Sun paper very much.

Editor's note: According to Sunfiles, a blizzard hit the East Coast March 19-20, 1958. Two feet of snow fell in the Baltimore area.


From: Judith A. Kolarik


About two years ago, a Maryland State Police sergeant decided that he could do a better job than the incumbent in the office of Anne Arundel County sheriff.

It upset him that the office had turned into a cushy job for a political "good ole boy" and that the department was slowly being stripped of its duties, responsibilities and, even worse, its respect and credibility in the law enforcement community.

After having served the state for half of his life, he launched himself into the world of politics. He spoke at community meetings about the lack of professionalism in the department.

He talked about the lack of support the department had from the rest of the county government. He talked about the tax dollars that were wasted because the county had to hire a profit-making privatecompany to do a job that the sheriff should have been doing.

Well, we listened to him and, last November, Robert Pepersack, a Republican, was elected sheriff and received more votes, by far, than any other candidate for any other office and in either political party in the county. If that's not a mandate, what is?

Now it's time for us, the people who voted to give him the chance to clean up this department, to again let our voices be heard.

Bob needs our support in this year's budget process. The county executive, Robert Neall, has requested "no-growth" budgets from the department heads, and that's fine with the sheriff.

What the sheriff would hate to see is another $425,000 of our tax dollars being allocated to a profit-making Florida corporation, Wackenhut Security Services, for prisoner transportation. These security guards do nothing but drive prisoners around and watch TV in the courthouse.

What the sheriff wants to do is take thatmoney, hire deputies that will transport prisoners as well as be available to serve summons, warrants and give the taxpayers their money's worth for a change.

I supported Bob Pepersack during the election, and I support him now. Give him a chance to do what we hired him to do. Give the Sheriff's Department the Wackenhut allocation and giveus our money's worth.


From: Faye W. Allen and family


Your thoughtful expressions of sympathy have helped us in our grief during a most difficult time following the death of our husband and father, the late Aris T. Allen.

We are grateful to you for your benevolence through cards, calls, visits, flowers, contributions and many other acts of kindness and, as a resultwe have experienced much comfort in knowing that others care.

Editor's note: The letter is addressed to all citizens of Anne Arundel County.

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