Samuel V. Greenholtz announced yesterday that he will seek a second term on the City Council in the May 13 city election.

Greenholtz, 44, filed as a candidate with the City Clerk's office.

"When I first came into office, the council felt we had to bring the city up to the 1990s and start positioning it for the year 2000,"Greenholtz said yesterday. "We're moving forward, but there's still a lot that needs to be done. I need a second term to complete those things."

Greenholtz joins fellow Councilman Mark Snyder, challengers Dennis Frazier and Rebecca Orenstein, and former councilman KennethYowan as candidates in the election.

If elected to a second term,Greenholtz said he would promote plans for a new city hall and for the computerization of city records. "We desperately need space for our employees," he said.

Looking back over his first term, Greenholtz pointed to the council's establishment of a growth-management committee and the hiring of a city manager as highlights.

"The Ad Hoc Growth Committee was probably the best thing this council did," Greenholtz said of the body that was instrumental in establishing an impact-fee program for new development, and for the upgrading and expansionof the city's waste water treatment plant.

Greenholtz said he would work during a second term to continue what he views as a warming of relations between the council and Mayor W. Benjamin Brown.

"While we don't necessarily agree, we have been able to reach some compromise and proceed forward on a number of things," he said, citing recent legislation that added a second city polling location.

Greenholtz, a lifelong city resident, is a manager in C & P Telephone Inc.' s long-range planning division. He is married and has a daughter, 20, and a 12-year-old son.

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