'Lambs' is tops at the box office for the fifth week


THE SILENCE OF THE Lambs" is still making noise at the box office, holding onto the No. 1 position for the fifth consecutive week.

The gang drama "New Jack City," which opened to violence in several cities, sold $5.8 million in tickets for second place in its second weekend, Exhibitor Relations Co. reported Monday. The film about the fight against a Harlem drug lord played on only half as many screens as "The Silence of the Lambs."

"New Jack City" has been the subject of controversy since its opening. One person was killed at a New York theater showing the movie. At a sold-out Los Angeles theater, a crowd rampaged through the area.

"The Silence of the Lambs" made $7.7 million over the weekend. It stars Jodie Foster as an FBI trainee pursuing a serial killer.

"Sleeping With the Enemy," a thriller with Julia Roberts, took third place, earning $4.7 million.

"Class Action," a new courtroom drama starring Gene Hackman and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as father and daughter lawyers, was fourth with $4.2 million.

The lighthearted cop-buddy drama "The Hard Way" was fifth, grossing $4 million.

Here are the top movie ticket sales Friday through Sunday according to Exhibitor Relations, with distributor, weekend gross, number of theater screens, average per screen, total gross and number of weeks in release.

Figures are based on a combination of actual box-office receipts and studio projections where actual figures are not immediately available.

1. "THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS," Orion, $7.7 million, 1,600 screens, $4,785 per screen, $68.9 million, five weeks.

2. "NEW JACK CITY," gereg,9,10 Warner Bros., $5.8 million, 887 screens, $6,584 per screen, $15.9 million, two weeks.

3. "SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY," 20th Century Fox, $4.7 million, 1,545 screens, $3,050 per screen, $68.4 million, six weeks.

4. "CLASS ACTION," 20th Century Fox, $4.2 million, 778 screens, $5,409 per screen, $4.2 million, one week.

5. "THE HARD WAY," Universal, $4 million, 1,627 screens, $2,465 per screen, $12.2 million, two weeks.

6. "PERFECT WEAPON," Paramount, $3.9 million, 1,229 screens, $3,201 per screen, $3.9 million, one week.

7. "THE DOORS," cf,gereg,9,10 Tri-Star, $3.3 million, 1,236 screens, $2,642 per screen, $23.3 million, three weeks.

8. "DANCES WITH WOLVES," Orion, $2.8 million, 1,545 screens, $1,823 per screen, $131.3 million, 19 weeks.

9. "HOME ALONE," 20th Century Fox, $2.7 million, 1,413 screens, $1,933 per screen, $249.6 million, 18 weeks.

10. "GUILTY BY SUSPICION," Warner Bros., $2.3 million, 817 screens, $2,789 per screen, $2.3 million, one week.

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