Uruguayan line to start calling at Baltimore port


The Maryland Port Administration has announced that the Pan American Independent Line, a Uruguayan shipping company, will start making calls at Baltimore this month.

Pan American is the third shipping line to announce it is adding Baltimore to its rounds so far this year.

In addition, two other lines have expanded their service here in the last couple of months.

Pan American is expected to ship more than 50,000 tons of goods a year -- ranging from coffee to construction equipment -- through Baltimore, said J. C. Shay, an MPA spokesman.

"This is very good news for the port," Mr. Shay said.

This year's additions and expansions follow years of bad news for the port.

Earlier this month, the MPA announced that cargo shipped through Baltimore dropped 11 percent in 1990 from 1989's poor showing.

In addition, the port administration, which is run on fees it collects from shipping lines, has reported that it expects to lose up to $4.1 million this year. The MPA lost $1.4 million last year and $4 million in 1989.

Pan American's ships will travel from Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay to South Locust Point, the MPA said.

Earlier this month, Companhia Maritima Nacional, a Brazilian steamship operator, announced it, too, would begin serving Baltimore. The company is expected to carry about 50,000 tons of cargo a year between Brazil and Baltimore.

And last month, the Levant Line announced it was switching the port of call for its Mediterranean and Black Sea routes from Richmond, Va., to Baltimore.

Wallenius Lines, a Swedish carrier, and Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. Inc. both announced they would increase the number of ships they have stopping here. Lykes said it was adding a direct line to the Middle East as a result of the war in the Persian Gulf.

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