Dykstra says year's probation would be 'pretty good'


Philadelphia Phillies center fielder Lenny Dykstra doesn't know what baseball commissioner Fay Vincent has in store for him, but the probation for illegal gambling reported by a newspaper sounded fine.

"No comment," was Dykstra's response to a Philadelphia Daily News report that Vincent had decided to place him on probation for one year. If Dykstra doesn't gamble during that period, the matter would be forgotten, according to the newspaper.

Dykstra has admitted in court that he lost more than $78,000 in illegal, high-stakes poker games.

Dykstra met Saturday with Vincent and was told he would not be fined or suspended on the basis of his testimony last week at a federal trial.

When asked about probation, Dykstra wanted to know if that was the word from Vincent's office.

When told it wasn't, he said: "Oh. That's pretty good though, isn't it?"

Asked again whether he knew what Vincent planned to do, Dykstra said, "No."

Vincent's office said there was no indication when the commissioner would release his decision.

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