Rain sends workout indoors McDonald's injury an encore


SARASOTA, Fla. -- Rain forced the Baltimore Orioles' workout indoors at Twin Lakes Park yesterday, and manager Frank Robinson said he couldn't remember a spring this bad.

"But one year in Tampa with the Reds, it rained 10 straight days and we packed up and went to Cuba," he said.

Robinson wanted to work yesterday on fundamentals outside but was forced to settle for meetings of various groups and some indoor batting practice.

* Pitcher Ben McDonald has a slight pull in his left side, the same area that was affected last spring.

"But it's nothing that will keep me from pitching. It only bothers me after I'm off the mound," he said.

* First baseman Glenn Davis was scheduled to go on the swing along Florida's east coast today, but Robinson said: "We'll leave him behind. We want to make sure there is not a nerve involved."

Davis hasn't played since March 12 because of a muscle spasm in his neck. He underwent a magnetic resonance imaging examination yesterday that showed nothing abnormal.

* The Orioles will play the Yankees in Fort Lauderdale today with Jeff Robinson, Mike Mussina and Roy Smith scheduled to pitch. Against the Tigers in Sarasota, they will use Mike Flanagan, Gregg Olson and Mark Williamson.

* No additional cuts will be made until next Tuesday, the day before the final swing to the east coast.

"We're not going to run people into the ground who are going to play every day," manager Robinson said. There are 44 players in camp.

* In 11 innings of "A" and "B" games, Randy Milligan has not had a chance in left field. He has fielded three ground-ball singles.

* The Orioles have errors in five straight games and have allowed 17 unearned runs during that period.

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