A 'Smart' marathon on Nick-At-Nite

It's television trivia time in more ways than one tonight.

FIRST QUESTION: What do Leonard Nimoy, Edward G. Robinson, Cesar Romero, Wally Cox, Milton Berle, Carol Burnett, Johnny Carson, Buddy Hackett, Vincent Price and Don Rickles all have in common?


Answer: They did guest shots on the series "Get Smart."

In fact, the list of celebrities who did cameo or larger parts with star Don Adams (Agent 86, Maxwell Smart) during the series' 1965-70 run is one of the most interesting things about the latest week-long programming gimmick on the Nick-At-Nite cable service.


In "Maximum Smart: The Complete Get Smart," running from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. nightly through Sunday, Nick-At-Nite is showing nothing but "Get Smart," beginning tonight with the debut episode (the only black and white show).

All 138 episodes of the satirical comedy created by Mel Brooks and Leonard Stern will be aired in the marathon. However, they are being packaged by theme rather than in order of appearance, such as tonight's "Maximum Gadgetry" episodes. (Look for Nimoy in the second show, "The Dead Spy Scrawls," and Robinson in the last, "Ironhand.")

This is the third such non-stop series screening on Nick-At-Nite, following a "Donna-a-thon" last May ("The Donna Reed Show") and a pre-Halloween packaging of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents." A spokesman says the enthusiastic response to "Get Smart's" arrival in the nightly schedule two months ago prompted the promotion.

SECOND QUESTION: When can you see "Get Smart" co-star Barbara Feldon (Agent 99 and, eventually, Mrs. Maxwell Smart) appearing on TV again?

Answer: Tonight. Specifically, Feldon is one of the scheduled guests on "Tube Test Two," an ABC special at 10 o'clock (Channel 13), in which host Alan Thicke offers viewer quizzes about a range of TV trivia. It's a sequel to a show aired last November.

Among the other guests are Adam West ("Batman"), Chad Everett ("Medical Center") and Mary Crosby (daughter of crooner Bing).

QUESTION THREE: What two stars of memorable TV shows show up tonight in one of the most charming movies of the last few years, which was directed by the former star of another memorable series?

They are Peter ("Columbo") Falk and Fred ("The Wonder Years") Savage, who provide the story-telling narrative foundation to Rob ("All In the Family") Reiner's 1987 film, "The Princess Bride." (Remember? Falk is Savage's grandfather, telling him the story of the movie's title.)


The warm and funny film can be seen at 8 o'clock on WBFF-Channel 45.