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Col. Astle missed the war, but ....


Col. Astle missed the war, but . . .

Del. John Astle, D-Anne Arundel, didn't get his wish to serve in the Persian Gulf war, but he will be helping to document it.

Astle, a Marine reservist, asked to be activated for gulf duty.

The early end of the war caused him to miss action by just four days, he said.

"The casualties were so light and the war ended so quickly, they didn't need me," he said.

Now he's assigned to the Marine base in Quantico, Va., to prepare the Marine Corps "after-action report," -- a compilation of official war papers.

Colonel Astle expects to be released from active duty in 60 to 90 days

In the meantime, he said he might return to Annapolis for weekend floor sessions.


A lawmaker says discrimination against obese people should be made just as illegal as it is for reasons of sex, race, religion and national origin.

"There's no question in my mind that fat people are discriminated in all areas of life," said Sen. Donald F. Munson, R-W. Md., at a committee hearing Tuesday on his anti-discrimination bill.

On hand to speak in support of Munson's bill was Jane Jenkins, a nurse in the weight-management program at Memorial Hospital in Cumberland.

"Being overweight doesn't mean that all the fat is around your brain and you can't think," said Jane Jenkins, who said many of her fat acquaintances say they cannot get jobs because of their weight.

Jenkins said she did not believe lawmakers could make laws to control how people think, but that they can help obese people. "What you can legislate is fairness," she said.

The Associated Press and Jon Morgan contributed to this report

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