From: Robert Neall

County executive

March 15 is the filing deadline for candidates who wish to represent the 33rd legislative district on the Anne Arundel County School Board. That date is also the deadline for the nomination of delegates by qualified organizations to the county's annual School Board Nominating Convention. I write to urge interested citizens to participate in this critical process of selecting board members and delegates.

I believe that the process for selecting and presenting qualified candidates to the Anne Arundel County School Board by a nominating convention is in the public interest, and I heartily support the process. Further, I want to assure your readers that I intend to select from among those candidates recommended by the convention and ask that Governor (William Donald) Schaefer abide by my recommendation when I submit my choice for the vacant seat to him. This procedure will ensure that the candidate selected for this and future openings will have thesupport of the nominating convention.

There is perhaps no greaterconcern among county residents today than the quality of education. I believe that enhanced communication and consensus among the community, the school board, and the government of Anne Arundel County are essential if we are to meet our mutual goal and responsibility to prepare our young people for their future.


From: Arthur Contarini

Glen Burnie

This is a true story, and a warning to all aspiring authors.

Talk to published authors -- those who have had the experience of seeing a few of their books make it into print via publishers who can be trusted -- before you do anything else.

Look out for the publisher who wants a subsidy.

In other words, you pay him to publish your book. Some of them will take your money and string you along until one day you find out that all your moneyis gone, and your book is unpublished. Either that, or just a few samples of your work ever make it into print, just to keep you interested.

Such people have been known to prey on senior citizens, especially those living on a fixed income who are not always able to get out to investigate for themselves.

So be very careful about these subsidy publishers. I speak from bitter personal experience, and also know others who have been victimized. Either look these subsidy publishers over carefully, ask someone to help and advise you on finding the right publisher, or just stay away from them.

Readers write


From: Carol M. Feldmann

Director, Media Relations

U.S. Naval Academy

If Wednesday's disaster drill included a helicopter crash at the Naval Academy, it wasn't the academy spokeswoman who told you so. A helicopter crash was the centerpiece of last year's simulation. As a participant in this year's drill, I was not privy to this year's scenario, as I explained to you in our phone conversation Tuesday.

The Anne Arundel County Sun's Robert Lee did an excellent job covering the disaster drill last year. My staff and I escorted reporters, photographers and cameramen throughout the "crash" area. We were proud of the response of our medical and security people.

When we have analyzed our response to this year's exercise, I'm sure we will be equally proud -- but that's not the point of the drill. The point is to make sure we know what it takes to be ready, that we ask questions for which we need the answers, that we make the mistakes we can correct before a real emergency.

And we in public affairs practiced with scripted phone calls just as the medical personnelpracticed treating made-up wounded. In a real emergency, the academy's public affairs staff would respond to the needs of your newspaper and other reporters with regular briefings to provide accurate information. The exercise gave us an opportunity to assess our ability to respond to an emergency.

Finally, someone with a name like Hermann should have no trouble spelling Feldmann.

Editor's note: The letter is addressed to Anne Arundel County Sun reporter Peter Hermann.


From: Serena A. Gillespie and

Daryl M. Watson

Annapolis High School

This past month the Unity of Annapolis High School sponsored various after-school activities in observanceof Black History Month.

We were pleased with the success of theseactivities based on the positive comments we received from school staff, students, parents and the community at large. It was a team effort involving the school and community.

We would like to express our thanks to the following for giving their time: Alderman Carl Snowden, Bernadette Pruitt, Vivian Gist, Ted Cooper, Mount Olive Voices of Praise, Simplique Modeling Troupe, Ron Stafford, Emily Green, Butch Collins and Chuck Dick.

We truly believe that working together makes things work better and this is just an example. Once again, thanks to all.


From: Lynn T. Hapchuk

Project Director

CMS Career Learning Day

The Maryland Division of the American Association of University Women recently held its second Computer, Math and Science Career Learning Day at the Annapolis Mall. We areextremely grateful to all those who helped make this event a success. The Annapolis Mall allowed us the use of its facility and helped usconsiderably with the implementation and planning of the day. We thank the participating mall merchants for their donations. We also had support from local businesses and industries, which is appreciated.

We would also like to thank all the women who gave of their time and energy to be role models or to help in the planning and staging of the Career Day. It is by seeing and speaking with successful women that girls will see that they can choose to work in fields using computers, math and science.

In addition, we had many exhibits from government agencies, industry, and educational institutions, which complemented the presentations of the role models. Thank you to all those participating groups.

Without the large numbers of young people whoattended, there would not have been an event. All the schools who encouraged their students to come to the learning day deserve thanks for helping us.

And finally we are grateful to The Anne Arundel County Sun, radio and television stations and other print media for publicizing the Career Day.


From: Richard M. Dykeman


As a gentle reproof, I would like to ask The Anne Arundel County Sun why it has not yet reviewed the Annapolis Theater Project's production of "Kate's Requiem," currently playing weekends at the Humanities Theater at Anne Arundel Community College? At the end ofthe second weekend, it has played to near-capacity houses each night. There are two weekends remaining in its run. You also neglected to review ATP's production of "Wenceslas Square."

ATP is composed of local performers, and Michael Gillis, the playwright, is an Annapolisresident. Acts of the play are interwoven between segments of John Rutter's beautiful "Requiem." Viewers are treated to an excellent dramatic performance and hear a major choral work at the same time.

ATP is the creation of three men who attended Rockville High School, and some time later, found themselves in Annapolis. The theater is a schoolboys' dream come to fruition, for the benefit of local theater-goers. It features original productions, or quality theater consideredout-of-the-mainstream, without pushing a political or social agenda.It is the kind of creative effort that should be supported by the local press.

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