Rising costs, fewer state and federal dollars, and falling county revenues have pushed Carroll's deficit over $5 million, spurring immediate cutbacks, reduced work forces and, for the first time, talk of possible layoffs.

The Budget Office has directed all county agenciesto cut their budgets by 1 percent for fiscal 1991, which ends June 30, and by 2 percent for fiscal 1992. For the first time in more than a decade, Carroll will experience actual cuts in programs. Where should those cuts be made?

Are cuts in order for public health and safety agencies? Should salary cuts and layoffs among county workers be considered? Should theproposed $110.3 million school budget be slashed? Should the budget be balanced? What and how much should specific programs be cut?

Should the tax rate be increased? If so, by how much and for what purposes? Please explain.

Please take a few minutes to type or print your thoughts on this ballot. You also may attach additional sheets of paper with more detailed comments. Mail your comments to: News ballot, The Carroll County Sun, 15 E. Main St., Westminster, Md. 21157-5052; or FAX it to us at 876-0233.

Full name .. .. Address

City/Zip.. .. Phones (day/night)

* I support increasing the tax rate by ........ cents to be used for

* I do not support any increase in the tax rate for any reason.

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