Delegate Donald B. Elliott, R-Carroll, Howard, is co-sponsoring legislation that offers recommendations for preserving and protecting theMonocacy River.

House Bill 1123 will be voted on soon in the House Environmental Matters Committee.

Called the "Monocacy River Study and Management Plan," the document serves as a guideline for the state and Carroll and Frederick counties to protect the river.

The Monocacy meanders between the two counties and eventually empties into the Chesapeake Bay. It has been designated by the state as a "scenic river."

The Monocacy Scenic River Local Advisory Board, with members from Carroll and Frederick, worked for the past two years on the plan. The report identifies problems on the river and offers solutions.

Commissioners in the two counties signed resolutions supporting the document last fall.

The plan has no regulatory powers, but board members hope it will make the public more aware of what needs to be done to preserve water quality.

Twenty percent of the river's 1,000-square-mile watershed is in Carroll.

Farmers in the watershed will be key players in the effortto protect the river, said Mark R. Spencer of the Scenic and Wild Rivers Program in the state Department of Natural Resources.

Agriculture contributes significant pollution in the forms of sediment, nitrogen, phosphorus and coliform bacteria, the report says.

On March 30, volunteers with The Monocacy River Clean-Up Campaign will clean up dump sites along the river.

For information, call Linda Norris in Frederick County at (301) 898-3744.

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