NO SPACE FOR A POOL? THAT'S NO EXCUSE THESE DAYS. It may not be a traditional lap pool, but the Swim Spa by Grecian comes in various sizes in its own cabinet and may be installed anywhere. Constructed of a vacuum-formed acrylic mold, it's perfect for exercising or relaxing.

This 8-foot by 14-foot Swim Spa, installed into the tiny rear deck of a semidetached Rumsey Island home, offers its owners the luxury of an excellent workout and relaxation center in very few square feet.

The Swim Spa comes with a total of 11 jets, which include three high-powered swim jets positioned at one end. A harness is provided to keep the aerobic swimmer or jogger in position, but practice makes it superfluous after a while.

A horseshoe-shaped underwater bench provides seating, and the multilevel eight hydrotherapy massage jets may be turned on for a relaxing massage. The Swim Spa boasts its own circulation, filtration and skimming system. It comes with a thick thermal cover, which allows outdoor use even in the coldest months. The temperature is thermostatically controlled up to 104 degrees. The Swim Spa by Grecian is available at Hohne Pool and Spa

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