A SUCCESSFUL BLENDING OF TALENTS HAS RESULTED IN an unabashedly romantic, dramatically rustic lagoon pool design. Landscape architect Eric Friedman and Bob Pet, Anthony Pools' senior sales consultant, cooperated with master stonemason Ed Arnold and landscape contractor Don Taylor to create a natural-looking, free-form swimming pool in a heavily wooded Ellicott City back yard.

The owners of the yard were most concerned with its natural woodland appearance, which they prized and were anxious to retain. Because of this, few trees were removed, and a curving free-form design was selected to give the appearance of a lagoon. Mr. Arnold hand-selected rounded, water-marked river rocks already embedded with moss and lichen. Each stone was painstakingly ground and sanded for a smooth fit.

When filled with water, the pool's dark-gray plaster interior appears to the eye as a naturally deep-teal blue. The free-form design incorporates such features as a diving rock over the 7-foot-deep end, interior benches, lights, as well as a spa. The spa is controlled through a remote-control system and is usable all year long.

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